OMRM 105RF Automatic Remote Controlled Glazing Bead Cutting Machine


Application field:

Designed for the PVC profile glazing beads cutting

General properties:

  •     Cutting range +45° / -45° and intermediate degrees
  •     Digital wireless ruler
  •     Servo motor measurmenet adjusting system
  •     PLC controller system
  •     Radio frequency based wireless measurement transferring system
  •     Two fixed, opposed blade motors on the mobile carriage set at 45° to the workpiece support surface
  •     4 cutting saw blades HSS (High Speed Steel)
  •     Vertical pneumatic clamping system
  •     Setting handle for easy mold adjustment
  •     Adjustable cutting speed with regulator on control panel
  •     Double cutting in one time
  •     The machine is standard equipped with completed bearing and measuring conveyors (2 + 2.4 meters long each)
  •     Particular care has been taken over the safety measures, both mechanical and electrical
  •     Power supply protects system from voltage overload

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