OMRM 121 Automatic End Milling Machine for Aluminium Profiles


Application field:

Designed for end milling of PVC and aluminium profiles

General properties:

  • Cutting range +45° / -45° and intermediate degrees
  • Automatic working cycle
  • Adjustable cutting speed with regulator on control panel
  • Vertical pneumatic clamping kit
  • Pneumatic rapid blade change system allows to quickly replace milling cutter groups when making profile system changes
  • 4-position rotating star-type stop
  • The machine can work with adjustable reference shoulders from –45° to +45° degrees, including all intermediate angles
  • Additional fixing of profile by a side stop
  • Special channel in stop plate is made for the best fixing of profile
  • Strengthen engine bearing axle
  • Special storage section for milling cutter holders
  • Profile supporting arm
  • 2 items of cutter holders


  • Hydropneumatic and cooling systems for aluminium profile cutting

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