OMRM 125 Automatic Single Head Aluminium Profile Cutting Machine


Application field:

Designed for PVC and aluminium profiles cutting

General properties:

  • Cutting range 0° - 180°
  • Fixed stops on 15°, 22,5°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 90° degrees for making cuts without having to set the angle, and the remaining positions can be set using a graduated rule as reference.
  • An additional lock on sliding plate for intermediate degrees fixing
  • Special design of sliding plate prevents sawdust collecting inside it
  • Diameter of a diamond saw blade is 450 mm
  • For security purpose at opening of a protective cover power supply is disconnected
  • Vertical pneumatic clamping kit
    Adjustable cutting speed
  • The machine is standard  equipped with completed bearing and measuring conveyors (3 meters long each)


  • Hydropneumatic and cooling systems for aluminium profile cutting

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