WD 500 Automatic Door keyhole hinge slot opening router machine


Application Field,

Routing of the keyhole, lockset hole,hinge slot and handle hole on wooden doors

Technical Specifications:

  • Ability to use single functions of opening key place,lock place,handle place,hinge place seperatly.
  • High frequency 18000 rpm motors for drilling the holes of key,lock,handle,hinge areas very fast and clean.
  • Ability to automatically switch between left and right while operating with rabbet edge doors.
  • Pneumatic clamps to hold the door during operation
  • Pedal controlled
  • Automatic central positioning of the lock area with a switch for choosing rabbet edge or flush (butt) edge door.
  • Only operates on door not doorcase

Optional :

  • Rabbet door hinge router
  • Door case lock plate router

Technical Specifications

Length of hinge hole : 0 – 130 mm
Total power : 3.5 kW
Lockset surface router RPM : 18.000 RPM
Lockset router RPM : 18.000 RPM
Hinge router RPM: 18.000 RPM
Lock and handle router RPM: 3.000 RPM
Voltage: 380 V / 50 Hz
Air pressure: 6 bar
Height: 1600 mm
Width: 1555 mm
Length: 1453 mm
Weight: 800 kg





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