WS 131 PVC Sash Hardware Mounting Station


Application field:

Designed for assembly all Tilt & Turn hardware systems on different types, various sizes of window & door sash profiles without tape measure and pencil using, without need for molds and templates, provides speedy, high quality and standard assembling

General properties:

  • Sash Assembling Table (Adjustable Template not requiring the Mold change)
  • Automatic centering system of window’s sash
  • Automatic measurement  of espagnolettes and scissors
  • Punch for espagnolette and scissor stay cutting


  • ASD – Full Automatic Screwing, Automatic screw feeding unit, Laser pointer
  • TD – Triple handle hole drilling group (with reinforced profile)
  • HD – Semi automatic adjustable, Hinge Drilling and Manual Hinge Screwing Group
  • BC – Milling tool for espagnolette channel grooving
  • FR-S – Hardware shelf (Lighting and Functional Corner Element Hanger)

Technical Specifications


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